Morning Stretch
About 45 minutes of traditional yoga postures to start your day. This is not an instructional class, just follow along as postures are called out in Sanskrit.  One of the traditional yoga classes is a good place to start to become familiar with the postures before attending the morning stretch. Special pricing applies.

Traditional Yoga
Based on the Ashtanga yoga primary series, this is yoga in a very traditional style. Built on a foundation of breathing, students are led through a series of postures (asanas). The practice starts with sun salutations moves through standing postures, seated postures and ends with a restorative finishing sequence and shavasana (rest). Alternatives are offered for each posture making it appropriate for all levels and abilities.
Gentle Traditional
If you are looking to ease into a yoga practice, this is the place to start. This class will offer modifications and techniques to make a fulfilling yoga practice accessible to everyone, regardless of age, size or physical limitations. We’ll use props, walls, floors and whatever else it takes to allow you to feel the benefits of yoga.

Candlelight Yoga
By Thursday evening you’re probably ready for a little decompression. Gentle, relaxing, and restorative.

Gentle Flow
This is a slow and mindful practice, gently moving from posture to posture. Great for beginners or the seasoned practitioner looking for a restorative practice.